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Без комментариев. Переводите сами icon_smile.gif Here are the notes from Andy's lessons. I ordered the tapes as well, and when I receive them, I will seek permission to digitize them and upload the audio to my website.

Please forgive any spelling/grammar errors in these notes, as I took them down rapidly with a PDA:


20030412 Andy Fleming

Lesson 1: Saved by grace through faith

Eph 2:8 -

The fall of man

Gen 2:4 - God gave man a way to show him his loyalty - in this case, just one command.

God has always provided a way for man to be in a righ relationship with him.

Man created in God's image + man not good to be alone = God doesn't want to be alone. God created us because he wants fellowship with us.

Adam fell into a sleep and from his flesh God created Adam's bride. This is a picture of Christ and the Church. Christ died, and from his body God brought about the church, the bride of Christ.

Adam and Eve lived in unashamed nakedness before God. That's how God wants us to be before him.

Eve in her pride added to God's command. God didn't say that they couldn't TOUCH the fruit - only that they couldn't eat it.

That's what we do - we add ur own requirements onto God's commands.

Gen 3:10 - Sin separates and brings shame. Spiritual death came into the world.

God called out for Adam....he didn't wait for Adam to come to him.

v.12 - The second consequence of sin is BLAME.

v.14 - Another consequence of sin is PAIN.

Although God forgives us of our sin, oftentimes the earthly consequences remain.

v.21 - Where did the animal skin come from? This was the first recorded death. God taught that only though the shedding of blood could sin be atoned for.

Atonement means covering. God "covered" them with animal skins.

What is the New Testament parallel?

Rom 5:12 - We inherit physical death from Adam.

Sin = miss the mark.

Trespass = step over he line.

We are born into sin - but we aren't accountable until we reach an age of accountability. When we become conscious of the law and fall short of it, we have sinned.

Our salvation is as sure as death. Being born into Christ secures life.

Rom 7:7 -


20030412 Andy Fleming 2

Lesson 2

Gen 6:1 - How did God feel about this coming judgment? He is a God of compassion. He was patient; he gave them 120 years to repent.

God provided a plan. v.18 - t first time the word covenant is used. A covenant is a conditional agreement between 2 parties; includes rewards for completing it and punishment for breaking it.

Noah had to have faith and obey. "Noah did everything just as God commanded him."

Gen 9:9 - God participated in the benefits of the covenant both before and after the flood. 2 Pet 3:7 - The earth will be destroyed and renewed by fire. We are in Noah's position before the flood.

Gen 8:13 - , 9:1 - A new beginning.

Things predicted by the events of Noah's day:

1. Final judgment day. We get comfortable in this life easily. Lk 17:26 - We have no idea when it will happen. 2 Pet 3:8 - The reason judgment hasn't happened yet is because God is patient.

1 Pet 3:18 - Saved through the water. Everything under the water was destroyed.

Heb 11:7 - Noah's obedience condemned the world - just as our does (repentance and baptism).

Only those in the ark were saved. The ark was built with specific instruction from God. There was only one door into the ark. The ark is like the church.


20030412 Andy Fleming 3

Lesson 3: How does faith work?

Eph 2:8 - If grace is so incredible, why are so few people saved? Jas 2:14 - If our faith is not expressed by action, it is dead. Faith = conviction.

James: faith w/o works is dead.

Ephesians: works w/o faith is dead.

Heb 11:6 - God is interactive.

11:4 - Faith is practcal; it ld these people to DO something. Faith is a conviction that produces an action.

Work without faith is legalism.

God's promises have 2 parts: a condition and a blessing.

Heb 8:6 - diference between old and new covenant.

Dt 7:13 - Old covenant was based on promises (as is the new). The Israelites didn't receive the blessings because the didn't fulfill the conditions.

Salvation is by grace throgh faith. By faith we need to reach up to God as he reaches down to us in grace.

New Testament promises:

Mt 6:31 - You will be given everything you need if you seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness.

Mt 10:32 - If you acknowledge before Christ that you know him, he will acknowledge you before God.

Mt 11:28 - God wil take away our burden if we take Christ's yoke upon ourselves. The yokeis light because Jesus is pulling it with us.

1 Jn 5:14 - God will give us what we ask for - if it's in accordance with his will.

Ac 2:37 - God offers the blessing of salvation on a condition (repentance and baptism). Repentance and baptism are acts of faith.

Heb 11:17 - Abraham believed God would resurrect his son.


20030412 Andy Fleming 4

Lesson 4: True Fellowship

Eph 2:19 - Anyone who follows the teachings should be apart of God's church.

From the 80's to the 90's, we went from being called "A Movement of God" to "THE Movement of God". This was wrong.

We became worldly; we compared ourselves to the denominations. The more we compared ourselves with the denominations, the more we became like them.

Then we went from being "THE Movement" to being "THE Church".

Membership in our church != being saved.

The center is Christ; our church cannot set boundaries. Follow the Bible - not your emotions.

The "one true church" started on the day of Pentecost, and only God knows where it is in the face of the earth today.

Continue to support the mission.

What's the basis for fellowship? It comes only from one source: God.

1. Fellowship with God. 1 Jn 2:3 - You must obey God. Ti 1:16 - We fellowship those who obey God.

Are you 100% in submission to God? Only you can answer that.

Mt 7:21 - Those who do the will of the Father. 1 Tim 4:16 - .

1 Jn 2:1 - we are never in 100% obedience, because we are sinners.

2 Cor 7:10 - Repentance is a direction, not a destination.

2. Fellowship with man.

1 Jn 1:5 - The blood of Jesus, our common forgiveness we have received from God.

The sin that plagues leaders is pride; the sn that plagues followers is bitterness.

1 Jn 4:17 - Fear of punishment should not be a part of our fellowship.

Fellowship = who can I be open with w/o fear.


20030412 Andy Fleming 5

Lesson 5: Falling away

Jn 6:60 - People can fall away for wrong reasons.

We often define the term "fall away" wrong.

1. Stumbling and falling in our walk with God.

Rev 2:1 - , 1 Cor 10:12 - , Gal 5:1 - These usages of the term "fall away" don't mean permanently falling away. They can be repented of.

Mt 11:6 - The word is "stumble" or "be offended" (i.e., people who misinterpreted or didn't understand Jesus).

Romans 11:11 - We will stumble - but we don't have to fall beyond recovery.

2. What is "falling away"?

Many have left our church - but that doesn't mean they've fallen away.

Heb 6:4 - If someone truly falls away, they are without hope. This is someone who has made a conscious decision to leave God (not leave a church).

Mt 12:31 - , Jn 16:7 - Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Faling away happens when you stop letting the Holy Spirit convict you of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

Only God knows if someone is truly fallen away.


1 Cor 5 - Leaving the fellowship can save someone.

Someone in sin can leaven the church. Discipline is corrective discipline.

Ti 3:9 - Divisive people.

Jas 5:19 - We need to go after those who have left.

Leaving the fellowship for conscience sake: this does happen; it's a compromised situation.

How can we be sure you're saved?

2 Pet 1:8 -

Heb 3:12 -

Heb 6:9 -

Mt 10:22 -

Heb 10:26 - , 1 Jn 5:15 -

Love in Christ, Cade Bryant

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